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Greetings from Matrix Consultancy
We Matrix Solution Placement agency established in 2011, which is well recognized as leading professional Manpower Recruitment Consultants. With the operations of the company handled by industry professionals, we as a team are able to successfully cater to the recruitment and staffing requirements of every industry.
We are fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified and skilled personnel.





Matrix is a core business has been the Recruitment of High Quality permanent and temporary staff for our clients. Our national branch network gives both candidates and clients Unparalleled Reach in the market and we are able to offer total recruitment solutions through our network of group companies and alliances.


We dispel the idea of a conventional workplace by developing and accepting a sense of employee ownership with each activity of the company being driven by the interests, inputs and involvement of survey personnel. Our team comprises of professional from different sector like Finance, Marketing,


Business with Matrix! You are letting the experts do the work. This means you can free internal resources to focus on your core competencies. This lets you focus on what you know best. Also, you can gain access to advanced technologies and unlimited capacity, without having to endure excessive capital costs.


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